I'm using the word "new" here because it is new to me. If these guys have been around for decades, then my apologies, it's a shame we hadn't met sooner.

It all started about a month ago when my partner Riley mentioned a food truck he had visited the day before. He was so impressed that he even gave them a shout out on the air the next day.

He was initially blown away by how friendly the two guys were that were running the truck and the food delivered the knock out punch.

"So, what did you get?" I asked.

"What they told me to get. The BBQ turkey tips."

Blazin' Magic BBQ had made it's impression on Riley and I had to try it for myself.

One of the other reasons I say that they are new is because of their limited web presence. I can really only find a Facebook page for them, which is perfectly adequate, but they don't seem to have permeated the inner circle of the Rockford food truck scene yet. Something I'm sure will change soon.

I was finally able to catch up with them over Memorial Day Weekend when they opened up shop at Lou Bachrodt's by the mall during a Double T remote for 96.7 The Eagle. Two birds with one stone. I get to visit a friend at a remote AND hopefully get some delicious food.

I excitedly walked up to the truck and was greeted with this lovely menu board:

attachment-Untitled design (15)

After a short, very pleasant conversations with the guy taking orders, I asked for some jerk turkey tips with fries. I was told it would be a 10 minute wait. Not a problem.

The smells coming from the truck were amazing. Even when mixed with the diesel fumes of a generator, you could tell some serious cooking was going on inside.

Now here's where I'll be honest. I had no idea what I was going to get. I had never heard of turkey tips and didn't even research what they were. I know what rib tips are. My sister ordered those. They were excellent. But you don't eat turkey ribs.

What were turkey tips?

I think I was expecting some sort of "wing" dish, like from a wing tip. But I had no idea. I made an audible gasp when I opened my container and this was waiting inside.

attachment-Untitled design (16)

Heavily seasoned chunks of moist, tender turkey meat on two slices of white bread, eagerly sopping up any juices left behind.

This is possibly some of the best meat I've ever had. I've thought about them every day since and I don't think I'll stop until I get to have some more and start the cycle all over again.

Hunt these guys down, I'm not sure where they'll be next, if you find out let me know. Say hi and order some of the best food you've had in your life. You'll only regret not doing it sooner.

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