Be on the look out for a new food truck in Rockford. The Olive Branch is a Greek food truck owned and operated by Bob Christidis and his family. He is the son of first-generation Greek immigrants and they made sure his diet growing up stayed true to their roots. He grew up eating his parents' pastitsio, baklava, and loukoumades.

Christidis is no stranger to the food industry either. His father, Steve, was the head chef for the Forest Hills Country Club in Rockford and the Wagon Wheel in Roscoe. He too went into the industry by working in the restaurant business.

With The Olive Branch, Christidis is hoping this will lead to his dream of opening a brick and mortar location. But for now be on the look out for The Olive Branch at festivals and weather permitting around town. On Mondays, keep an eye out for The Olive Branch on West State and Church streets. Tuesdays, near the intersection of Guilford Road and Rural and Prospect streets. Thursdays, the 100 block of Main Street and on Fridays, the 300 block of East State Street. Menu includes items like gyros, Greek breakfast sandwiches, and spanakopita.

You can also follow The Olive Branch on  Facebook. Opa!


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