If you're a football fan who has never made it to the field to see your favorite team, Frito-Lay is going to bring the field right to you - in the mouth.

For the first time, Lay's went and took soil from your favorite NFL team's home field, and grew potatoes out of it.

To bring it all together, Lay's pulled soil directly from NFL stadiums and fields across the country, and then went and mixed the soil into separate parts of Lay's potato fields to make chips infused with the "grounds and the glory of America's favorite NFL teams."

Lay's Golden Grounds chips are the same classic Lay's taste that they always are, but maybe a hint of spit and sweat from your favorite players.

Lay's also brought on Jerry Rice to promote the one-of-a-kind NFL experience.

Between January 11 and January 25th, fans will have a chance to win a bag of these fancy chips themselves.

Keep an eye on Twitter and watch for Lay's to tweet about the Golden Grounds sweepstakes tweets. From there, respond to the tweet and show off your love for your favorite NFL team and be sure to use #LaysGoldenGrounds, #Sweepstakes and tag your favorite team.

Additionally, for the first time in 17 years, the iconic tailgate snack is officially announcing its return to the Super Bowl with a new TV commercial.

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