Rockford's native son, Fred VanVleet has been on quite the tear to start 2022.

He recorded his first career triple double on Friday to lead HIS Raptors to a win over the Utah Jazz. Only the 11th Toronto Raptor to do that in team history.

His 37 points is the most scored during a triple double in Raptors history.

He was named the Eastern Conference player of the week.

He has professional analysts calling his current streak "historic."

He has future Hall of Famers singing his praises.

NOTE: I'm pretty sure Kevin Durant thinks his name is Fred VanFleet. I listened to that clip a few times and can't tell if he's just slightly slurring or not. Either way, KD needs to put some respect on that man's name.

He went on a personal 15-0 run in another Raptors victory.

And he is poised to make the NBA All-Star game this February.

Just an amazing week and a half run for the Rockford Auburn grad.

Then I saw this video on Twitter today.

On it's face, this looks like a very cute video of Fred and his son working on some defensive drills. Fred is obviously a loving father and his son, likewise, obviously adores his father.

But there's one problem with the above video. When Fred is teaching his son to get down on defense he has him slap the floor.

This is obviously one man's opinion, but floor slapping is easily one of the most annoying things a player can do on the basketball court. There's really only one reason I feel this way and that would be Duke basketball.

Duke is the college basketball version of Notre Dame football (except they've actually won a few titles the last couple of decades.) They're pretty sure they're better than you in all aspects of life and always have a sense of entitlement to them. It doesn't help that they're coached by an ego maniac, who just happens to also be a basketball genius.

Floor slapping is their calling card and love to do it to get their opponents and fans riled up.

Fred. You're a Wichita State guy. A Rockford guy. You "Bet On Yourself." You're an undrafted All-Star NBA champion.  You epitomize pretty much everything that Duke isn't and that's what we all love about you.

You teach your kid to floor slap and eventually he's going to want to go to Duke. That's going to stink for me AND you. I don't want to begrudgingly root for a Duke player who is obviously going to be a baller like his dad. And you don't want to have to pay for a Duke education. I know you're doing fine financially, but a Duke education in 20 years is probably going to cost about $10 million dollars.

I can see it know. You son's a junior in high school and says he wants to go to Duke. You go "Duke? Where'd you learn to like Duke." And your son will only have one response.

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