Here we are rockers, the last week of KISS codes! Someone and a guest is gonna end up in New York City at Madison Square Garden, seeing the FINAL KISS SHOW. It's the "End of the Road" with the hottest band in the world, KISS! Go code word details, how to play along on the app CLICK HERE.

This is your FINAL WEEK of KISS codes! They are at 10am, 2pm, 5pm and 8pm. Today (5/20 through 5/26) Good luck form 96.7 The Eagle!

Kevin Minter/Getty Images
Kevin Minter/Getty Images

So let's take a trip back to November 15th 1975. KISS was on their "Alive!" tour (which ran Sept 1975 to June 1976) and just before the time where they blew up, and became the biggest rock band in the world they played the Illinois National Guard Rockford Armory. Oh by the way, the opening act...RUSH.

Rob Verhorst, Redferns, Getty Images
Rob Verhorst, Redferns, Getty Images

Located at 605 N Main St, Rockford this building hosted many, many rock shows...But this would prove to be a defining show. Soon after KISS played in Rockford in 1975, their fame would skyrocket. They went from smaller venues, to playing sold out arenas. 

Were you there, do you know anyone that was? Do you have a guitar pick, maybe a ticket stub or a poster? We'd love to see it!

So let's go back to the Illinois National Guard Armory, November 15th 1975:

  1. Deuce
  2. Strutter
  3. Got to Choose
  4. Hotter Than Hell
  5. Firehouse
  6. She 
  7. Guitar Solo
  8. Ladies in Waiting
    (Live debut)
  9. Nothin' to Lose
  10. Bass Solo
  11. 100,000 Years
  12. Drum Solo
  13. Black Diamond
  14. Cold Gin
  15. Rock and Roll All Nite


Here's KISS just a few night later, playing the T.V. show, "The Midnight Special."




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