Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley from Kiss are bringing their Rock & Brews restaurant chain to Chicago.

Kiss, with Gene Simmons leading the way, is marketing geniuses. They aren't just a band, they are a brand.

They will put their name, logo, or likeness on anything, as long as it will make them money. So much so, it's become sort of a joke.

They've had their name on everything from dolls to an arena football team.

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It would just make sense for the band to have their own restaurant chain.

"Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS are bringing their Rock & Brews restaurant chain to Chicago with plans to open 10 to 15 locations in the city with the first Chicago-area restaurant scheduled to open next year."

Hey, Gene and Paul. How about putting one in Rockford? We have plenty of great locations. How about downtown? Or include it with whatever they are going to do with the Clock Tower resort. Maybe the old Elixur building?

Regardless, I'm sure I will eventually check it out.


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