I guess when you're the best defensive player in the NFL you can just start making up sayings. 

The audio in that clip is a little hard to hear so I'll transcribe it for you.

The reporter mentions that Mack seemed subdued after the game in contrast to the rest of his teammates celebrating after their win over the Vikings and asks Mack what getting their third straight win means to the linebacker.

Mack then replies "A dog that poops fast doesn't poop for long."

I've heard A LOT of postgame press conferences and thought I heard every single cliche but this one is new. A cursory google search brings up no results so I'm left to assume that Mack made this one up himself.

What does it even mean? He doesn't want to celebrate hard because then he can't celebrate later? That's the closest I can get. It doesn't make sense and I haven't stopped thinking about it ever since I heard it this morning.

Bears beat reporters have a duty to follow up on this if they have any respect for the profession.


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