It's the machine you never knew you wanted because mixing a drink can be so much work.


Keurig is venturing past coffee making to team up with Anheuser-Bush and have created the Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig. But instead of single-serve coffee or beer, this thing is serving up cocktails!

It is being reported that the Drinkworks Home Bar will retail for $299 and the single-serve pods will run $3.99 each or $15.99 for four.

They plan on launching 24 different drink options, including beer, cider, sangria, margarita, mojito, Moscow mule, and Long Island iced tea.

It'll work the same as the coffee maker does, but instead of heating up the water, this machine will cool it down and mix it with C02 from a disposable canister.

Sounds to me like this takes some of the fun out of making your own drinks at home, but I like to over pour I guess.

They began taking preorders on Tuesday in the St. Louis area for the November 19th launch, but if that goes well Drinkworks would be available nationwide by 2019.

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