What in the world is going on at Jefferson High School?

Pete Saloutos

The Jefferson J-Hawks had their best football season in 23 years, and now the head coach it gone.

Last year the J-Hawks were lead to a 4-5 record by head coach Ken DuBose, now he's gone. According to RRSTAR Coach DuBose claims he was forced out of the head coaching spot.

Here is what the article is telling us. According to Coach Ken DuBose:

"They wanted me to resign, to do my inability to follow procedural ways at Jefferson".

Here are the "reasons":

  • Too many posts on social media
  • The team called themselves "The Bird Gang"
  • Coach drove some players to practice

I am positive that there is way more to this story and this is just the tip of the iceberg. The problem I have with this, regardless if coach upset administration or not...the kids. There is a rebuild and a brotherhood that goes into putting a high school football team into a positive, winning situation. By the way, 15 graduation seniors from last years team went on to play college football.

To be continued.