I was taught to use the crown of the helmet as a weapon.

Thomas Northcut, ThinkStock
Thomas Northcut, ThinkStock

With local high school football teams getting ready for next season, do you know the dangers of playing?

The roar of the crowd on a Friday night in Northern Illinois is pretty amazing. The football players are pumped up, cheerleaders are loud and proud, and the fans are ready for some hard hitting action.

Testing was done on 202 former football players. Because of repeated shots to the head, brain disease was linked to these 202.

Now, this is not true with all former football players, and 202 does make up a small sample of Americans that have played the sport. But it makes you think as our kids get geared up for a new season.

Safety measures have been taken at all levels. The "head shot" is illegal now, any sort of using the helmet as a weapon no longer belongs in the sport.

There has been a lot of research done on CTE, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which is a debilitating brain disease that is often linked to playing football because to blows to the head.

Local high school football is a "thing" around here, let's keep the boys as safe as possible.




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