Money earned by selling tickets for football games was stolen from a Chicago area high school by a worker.

High school athletic programs could use all the fundraising help they can get. One of the big ways for most schools to do this is to sell tickets for the football games. The teams depend on that extra money for their athletes.

Unfortunately, someone thought they deserved a cut of the profits.

According to

"A former worker at a Will County high school is under criminal investigation for allegedly skimming money from ticket sales at sporting events hosted by the school."

"Sources say a criminal investigation is underway into whether the former athletic department employee at Lincoln-Way Central High School skimmed money from football game ticket sales over multiple years. The exact figure is unclear at this time, but may have totaled thousands of dollars or perhaps far more."

The employee apparently under suspicion resigned from their position back in June. The person has not been charged yet."

It's just sad that someone would do something like this.

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