An old military artillery shell was found by a Janesville man in his mom's attic.

I enjoy going through my Mom's attic and basement because I usually find something fun from when I was a kid that brings back old memories.

A guy in Janesville was cleaning out his mother's attic and I bet he was hoping to find some treasures. He did find something interesting.

According to,

"A man cleaning his mother’s attic Friday found an unexploded artillery shell which he then transported to the Rock County Sheriff’s Office, causing a brief evacuation of the area as the bomb squad was called for. The Rock County Sheriff says the man who found the shell said he was unfamiliar with the artillery, and put it in a car to take it to the parking lot of the sheriff’s office. Officials immediately blocked off the parking lot and evacuated the building. The Rockford Police Department Bomb Squad was called in to take custody of the device."

A quick reminder from the police.

"Police say citizens should not handle such devices, and should safely evacuate the area and call 9-1-1."

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