It's risky work being a pizza delivery driver in Rockford.

You might think that being a pizza delivery driver would be a pretty simple job. You take a pizza to a customer, collect the money, go back to the restaurant, and repeat.

Well in Rockford, it isn't so easy. There is a little bit of a crime problem. Pizza delivery drivers have been targeted.

While out on deliveries, the drivers are getting hit. The pizza money, their tips, and the actual pizzas have been stolen.

Now, it's gone to a new low. This time they stole the delivery vehicle.

Here is the post for 815 Stateline Scanner on Facebook from February 25th at 9:14pm.

"Stolen vehicle...Easton Pkwy.. tan Pontiac Grand Prix with Papa Johns sign on top. Suspects are 3 male blacks 16-18. Keys were not with the vehicle."

It's time to step up for all pizza delivery drivers in Rockford. They should be off limits. They provide a great service to the community.

Please stop robbing the pizza guys!

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