How great would it be if these fake movie bands really got together for a tour?

I'm sure it's not a surprise for you since I work at a radio station, but I love music. Besides my career, it's also my hobby. I still buy music on vinyl and CD. I go to shows whenever I can. I'm also a huge fan of music documentaries and biopics. I even enjoy films about fake bands. I've been using my extra free to catch up with some.

I got excited when saw this update about a fictional movie band. The Wonders or if you're old school The Oneders, from "That Thing You Do" will be doing a reunion.

According to,

"Tom Everett Scott (drummer Guy Patterson) Johnathon Schaech (singer Jimmy), Steve Zahn (guitarist Lenny) and Ethan Embry (bass player T.B. Player) aka The Wonders, are going to kick it together on Zoom this Friday as part of a COVID-19 benefit for MusiCares."

I might have to check that out.

Of course, that got my mind going. What fake movie bands would I like to see do a real tour? Since they aren't real, I'm going to use my imagination. That means talent and ability doesn't factor in. This is for pure discussion purposes only. I don't want to hear, they can't really play. I don't care because it doesn't matter for this situation.

I'm going to immediately throw out Spinal Tap and the Blues Brothers because they really did go out on tour.

Here's my list...

  • Steel Dragon From Rock Star
  • Stillwater from Almost Famous
  • Barbusters from Light of Day
  • The Lone Rangers from Airheads
  • The Oneders (Wonders) from That Thing You Do

Honorable mentions...

  • Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem from The Muppet Movie
  • The Cantina Band from Star Wars

What's you favorite fake movie band?

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