There are both pros and cons of driving in Illinois and Wisconsin but sitting down and comparing the two might surprise you.

Is It Worse To Drive In Illinois Or Wisconsin?

When I was growing up, my dad did it every day. That was commuting to work. He would drive 30 miles back and forth each way from Northbrook to Villa Park. Of course, it took him over an hour because of traffic.

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If you asked me which state I would rather commute to work, Illinois or Wisconsin? My gut reaction would be Wisconsin. It just doesn't seem as busy. Especially, if you compare their biggest city, Milwaukee, to ours, Chicago.

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When doing some research, the findings might surprise you. Illinois and Chicago aren't going to run away with this bad traffic and traveling outcome. Remember, looks can be deceiving. Let's take a look at some of the info.

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Illinois' average commute time is around 28.4 minutes and for Wisconsin, it's 22.2 minutes. For the whole country, it's 27 minutes on average. Illinois is ranked 8th worst for one-way commute time in the United States and Wisconsin is rated 40. Win for the cheeseheads.

Next, let's look at the distance traveled. For Wisconsin, it's 26.7 miles and for Illinois, it's 21.8 miles. Looks like the Land of Lincoln scores a victory this time. 12% of Illinois commuters are walkers with only 10% in Wisconsin.


Looking at travel times, it's surprisingly shorter in Illinois with 105.2 minutes compared to 108.4 in Wisconsin. For the outcome, I believe Illinois is worse for commuters but the drivers in Wisconsin are spending more time driving and going farther distances.

Cities With the Worst Commute in Illinois

Stacker compiled a list of the cities with the worst commutes in Illinois using data from the Census Bureau.

Gallery Credit: Stacker

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