Just because an airport is big, busy, and famous doesn't make it good and this one in Illinois is the perfect example of a bad experience.

Illinois Is Home To One Of The Worst Airports In The United States

I'm a huge fan of vacations and traveling but it's funny because I don't like driving long distances. Maybe, it's because I'll be the one doing most of the time behind the wheel. Plus, we took long road trips when I was a kid and I got burned out.

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I much rather get to my destination quickly so I can enjoy as much time there as possible. That means flying to wherever I want to go. Of course, just like anything else, there are pros and cons to both ways of traveling.

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Back in the day, flying was a much better option. Nowadays, it might not be depending on many factors. First of all, it's gotten a lot more expensive. Plus, going to the airport has become a big pain in the butt.

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There are so many rules and regulations which change all the time. There are never enough employees to help. It takes forever to get checked in, get through security, and finally make it to your destination. I hate to say it but driving might be better.

I hadn't flown out of O'Hare in years. Last summer, my wife and I took a trip and we had to fly out of there. What a nightmare. The staff was rude and yelled at everyone. It was so busy, we couldn't get anything to eat. Plus, we were there for hours. I would call it a miserable experience.

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I'm not surprised that O'Hare was ranked #4 in the United States for the worst airport to fly out of. After my last time there, I would easily put them at #1. That's why I prefer flying out of Rockford. Now, that's a pleasant experience.

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