If you're planning on traveling around Illinois anytime soon, I highly suggest downloading this new app on your phone before taking off.

Illinois Offers New Trip Planner App For Travelers Throughout The State

I love my hometown of Rockford but I also really enjoy going on adventures and taking road trips. There are many fun places to visit throughout our state. Let's be honest, Illinois isn't always the easiest location to be on the highway. There's lots of traffic, always construction, and it can get expensive taking the highways.

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Of course, there are many different apps available to download on your phone that supposedly make traveling much simpler. To be honest, I'm yet to find one that I've been impressed with. I recently found one that I think might actually help.

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The Illinois Tollway has introduced a new trip planner app. This looks like it could be the real deal. It will assist you in finding the best routes to get to your desired destination. That will also include construction zones on the highways. That's huge.

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This new app will even tell you how many tolls you'll go through, where they're located, and the amount of money it will cost on your trip. That feature can be used on any tollways that accept I-PASS. Maybe, you don't want to know the cost depending on how far you're going.

If you're interested, it's very easy to get on your phone. Just go to your app store and download the Illinois Tollway app for free. Then you're all set to hit the road. It's a very helpful information to have while traveling.

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