Since marijuana has become legal in the state, Veterinarians in Illinois are getting more calls about pets accidentally eating cannabis.

I've always owned pets. They are great for families. Only one problem, they are very curious, especially dogs. They'll do whatever it takes to get some people food. Many times stealing it.

They really shouldn't have any but for the most part, it's not harmful. Though there are some items can be dangerous to a dog. You can add cannabis-infused food to that list. Of course, it's more readily available now with legal weed. It doesn't do the same thing to animals than it does to humans,

According to,

"The legalization of recreational marijuana in Illinois has veterinarians on high alert. They want to get the word out that pets do not get stoned, they actually get very sick. Of particular concern are marijuana edibles. The chocolate and additives can have an adverse effect on cats and dogs, and even small doses of pot can be lethal for pets. If your pet ingests marijuana, you should call your veterinarian immediately."

Please keep the ganja away from your pets.

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