Pets are now being treated by veterinarians for being high on marijuana.

Many years ago, I had a co-worker whose dog ate her bag of weed. For several hours, the poor animal acted strangely. It was very jumpy, hungry, and sleepy. The same basic effects as a person on the pot. After a few hours, her pet was back to normal.

With more states legalizing cannabis, this is becoming a bigger problem.

According to,

"Now that it is legal to have marijuana in dozens of states, veterinarians and animal clinics are seeing more owners being honest with them when they bring in their stoned pets."

There are a couple of problems when your animal eats marijuana. Usually, it's in treat form which isn't good for them to begin with. Pets don't know when to say when, so usually they will eat the whole thing. Plus, they are much smaller than humans.

If you are missing some weed and suspect your dog or cat ingested it, here are some symptoms to look out for.

"Depression, vomiting, urinary incontinence, ataxia (a degenerative disease of the nervous system), tremor, stupor, bradycardia (slow heart rate), hyperthermia, and can affect the heart and gastrointestinal tract."

Usually, it is not fatal. Normal treatment is flushing its system with an IV.

Best bet is to leave your pot hidden away.

If it does happen with a small amount, I suggest leaving out plenty of food and water. Also, put your TV on Animal Planet. After a while, they should be fine.


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