There have been more Emergency Rooms visits in Illinois since the legalization of recreational marijuana.

I guess I'm not surprised. Now, that recreational marijuana is legal in Illinois I figured there would be some hiccups. Of course, you're going to have people trying it for the first time or haven't done it in many years. They might take a little bit too much. The strange feeling might overwhelm them. Those things could lead to a trip to the hospital.

According to,

"Doctors have seen a spike in ER visits since the state legalized recreational marijuana. They have seen patients who may have over-consumed marijuana. Symptoms are palpitations your heart beating faster, anxiety-type symptoms, crawling out of your skin and some more extreme cases we're seeing full-on psychosis, meaning the patients are agitated and maybe having hallucinations. Increases in ER visits due to marijuana use have been found in other states that have legalized the drug too."

Please be careful while using cannabis.

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