It's an epidemic. So many deer are committing suicide.

Deer are no strangers to the Midwest.

During my commute through rural roads I can honestly say I'm terrified of deer. I've had a few close calls where they seem to just be running directly towards my car.

I've never hit a deer... thankfully.

I can't say the same for my father, poor guy. He was driving my mom's fancy car when she was out of town and one of these suicidal deer came running right into the hood of my mom's car. Thankfully he was alright, just a little shook up.

It can happen to anyone.

The town of Paxon, Illinois is quite familiar with these suicidal deer. They just come out of nowhere. They just want to run directly into your car.

To get drivers attention and to make them more cautious, the town has installed this awesome sign.

Be careful out there friends... be careful.


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