As we dive head first into 2019, make sure YOUR HEAD is healthy.

Here are three important questions to check your mental health as we start the new year, from NATIONAL ALLIANCE OF MENTAL HEALTH. As the website states, this isn't professional help, just a guide.

  • Are you or someone you know in danger of hurting themselves,
    others or property?
  • Are you in need emergency assistance?
  • Do you have time to start with a phone call for guidance and support from a mental health professional?

With new adventures and new problems to tackle in 2019, sometimes mentally it can just be too much. It is OK TO TALK. You aren't less of a man, you're not weak, you're not a wuss to reach out for help.

If the wait of the world appears to be too much, PLEASE CALL THIS NUMBER:

Let's all rock out and have a safe, healthy 2019...TOGETHER.



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