If a theater in Illinois wants to bring in a big-name act to perform on their stage, it's going to take a lot more than just money.

How Does An Illinois Theater Hire Acts To Perform On Their Stage? 

If a venue like the Coronado Performing Arts Center in Rockford wants to bring in an artist to put on a concert it takes much more than the fans would ever know. First of all, the building, sound, capacity, lights, and etc have to fit the requirements of the band. Of course, they have to pay them their talent fee. Oh yeah, there's one last thing. The theater must fulfill the rider of the musicians.

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What's A Band Rider For Shows?

Well, a band rider is what the musicians require for the show. It can include things like food (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), snacks, beverages, no brown M&M's (thanks Van Halen), exercise equipment, hotel rooms, transportation, and pretty much anything else that they need on a daily basis but can't bring on a tour bus. That could end up costing a lot of money for the building. Recently, I found a rider for John Mellencamp when he did a show in Illinois. It's definitely unique.

Rider For John Mellencamp Show At Illinois Theater
Rider For John Mellencamp Show At Illinois Theater

According to news-gazette.com,

John Mellencamp Rider For April 19th, 2023 At Peoria Civic Center

  • Must carefully look for blemish-free fruit at the grocery store (my favorite request on the list was a personal mini watermelon).
  • No dressing room is needed for Mellencamp (he uses his own Airstream trailer) which is the only location that isn't smoke-free.
  • The band and crew clean up after meals (bus trays wanted for dishes and etc).
  • Leftover bacon from a hearty breakfast should be served at lunch.
  • Various newspapers for reading.
  • Strong coffee to drink.
  • Nice dining room setting for meals.
  • Specific named brand products are required for food and beverages (my favorite was Eggo waffles).
  • The Wednesday lunch menu should include grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.
  • Must recycle.

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