It's time to discover Illinois' top five game-changing tailgate foods for this upcoming football season.

Tailgating In Illinois Is The Best

Of course, there are the tailgate parties to go along with the football games. Now, that's what I call an amazing day. In fact, I think that the tailgate party is the most important part of the day. It sets the tone. If you screw that up, then the day is ruined. For the ultimate tailgating experience, you need a few different things to pull it off. Here's your checklist.

  • Entertainment: You're going to have to include some sort of entertainment for the tailgaters. For example TV, stereo, bags games, beer pong, betting pools, etc
  • Beverages: Beer, booze, soda, and water (in that order of importance). During the cold months coffee or hot chocolate).
  • Snacks: Chips, dips, pretzels, cookies, and so on (you get the idea).
  • Sides: Any of your favorite salads (potato, macaroni, & etc.). Baked beans are a nice touch.
  • The Main Course: This is your make-or-break moment of the tailgate party.
Illinois Tailgating Foods
Illinois Tailgating Foods

The Five Ultimate Tailgating Foods In Illinois

As I said, the main course is very important. I always think it's better to keep it simple. Plus, you want to offer foods that are pretty universal and most people enjoy. Don't worry, I've got some suggestions to help you out.

# 1 Steak

  • The perfect match if you want to go with a fancy tailgate party.

#2 Hot Dogs

  • Your simplest and cheapest way to tailgate. Most fans would enjoy it.

#3 Burgers

  • The gold standard when it comes to a pre-game meal. Who doesn't love a good burger?

#4 Brats

  • The all-time favorite of tailgaters all across the country.

#5 Crabby Chicken

  • Taking a risk with a huge payoff. If you can pull this off, you'll be the tailgate king of your group. It's marinated chicken, crab, and a blend of melted cheeses. All together it's delicious. My friend makes it for every Chicago Bears home game.

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