Illinois is one of the best states for food so I'm not surprised that there are multiple taco joints ranked nationally.

Yelp Reviews In Illinois

One of the more popular websites for reviews is Yelp. For many residents, that's their "go-to" when it comes to doing research about stuff. You can find people's comments on just about anything. It makes life pretty easy when doing research about products even food and restaurants.

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Best Tacos Towns In United States

Recently, Yelp ranked the top taco towns in the United States. Chicago landed at number seven. That's very respectable when you're talking about the whole country though in my opinion it should be rated much higher.

If you’re craving tacos for dinner, you’re not alone, as Chicago is not only one of the top places in the country for the iconic food, but also has some of the best restaurants in America.


Chicago is the seventh-ranked city in the United States in terms of the number of search results for the best taco restaurants.


Top Rated Illinois tacos

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Top Ranked Taco Joints In Illinois

Since Chicago is one of the best cities in the United States for tacos, of course, some of the restaurants are going to be highly rated too. In fact, three taco joints in the Windy City made it into the top one hundred.

# 71 Carniciera Maribel 

One word is "outstanding" and one of the best places to stop in at always a pleasure to be there.

# 72 Edgewater Tacos

Wow the food here is delicious!

# 77 Taco Loco of Pilsen 

Just go. Delicious. Made to order. Authentic. Onion and cilantro toppings.  No lettuce or tomato here.  I wish they were closer to me.

25 Highly Rated Places For Tacos in the Rockford Area

Gallery Credit: JB Love

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