The Rockford area is heavily saturated with excellent spots to get a taco.

I've put in the legwork and tested a lot if not all of them. Here's a trail of 6 taco spots in the Rockford area that have produced some great dining experiences.

How many have you tried?

1. Plaza Los Planchos


We start in Machesney Park. Plaza Los Planchos is located in the old Tom and Jerry's building in front of Machesney Park Mall. This is probably the "nicest" spot on this trail. Make sure you take advantage of their full bar.

2. Mi Gordito's


Head south down N. 2nd from Plaza Los Planchos for the next stop on the trail. Mi Gordito's is the newest restaurant on the list. As you can see by the photo they didn't even have their permanent sign up yet, they do now. In addition to great tacos, Mi Gordito's hosts comedy nights about once a month. You can't beat tacos and a show.

3. Los Portales


Located on State Street in downtown Rockford across from The Faust building, Los Portales is a late night favorite for those pouring out of Rue Marche after midnight. Los Portales was one of the first authentic tacos I ever had in Rockford about 20 years ago and they've been pumping out quality food ever since.

4. El Pueblo


An absolute hidden gem on the south side of downtown Rockford. El Pueblo blew me away with their food and the smells pouring in from the adjacent bakery were heavenly. Don't miss out on this understated restaurant.

5. La Chaquita

attachment-20210317_131953 (1)

Keep heading south on Main Street through downtown Rockford to hit up the last two spots on the trail. First up is La Chaquita, which is essentially a food counter tucked into the corner of a supermarket. The tacos were excellent but I will have to return sometime to try some food off their hot bar. All the food looked excellent.

6. Mi Ranchito

attachment-IMG_3437 (1)

I saved my favorite for last. Kiddy-corner from Marinelli Field, you'll find the unassuming Mi Ranchito. The small taqueria doesn't look like much but the food will blow you away. The taco fillings were great but you have to make a visit just for the tortillas. Made fresh every morning, you'll remember them for the rest of your life.

This isn't by far a complete list of great tacos in the Rockford area but it's a good place to start.

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