What kind of person in Illinois steals from their grandfather, we're about to find out.

Thieves In Illinois Are Wired Differently

I guess that I have a way different mentality than thieves in Illinois. I could never steal from someone, especially a relative like a grandfather. That just seems so wrong. This suspect didn't just take something without asking his grandpa, he actually stole a huge amount of money.

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This sad incident happened recently in Barrington. The suspect was given Power of Attorney for his grandfather and the estate because he's getting older. The suspect used these newfound responsibilities in a very evil way. The thief ended up swindling his relative out of a huge sum of cash.

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Illinois Man Steals $2 Million From Grandfather

According to dailyherald.com, 

A Barrington man accused of cheating an elderly family member out of an estimated $1.9 million is scheduled to appear in a McHenry County courtroom Thursday facing multiple felony charges.

Douglas Boncosky, 54, of the 200 block of Coolidge Avenue, is charged with aggravated identity theft, theft exceeding $1 million, financial exploitation and forgery, authorities said.

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The grandfather became unable to take care of himself. His grandson offered to help him out. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time. The suspect ended up with access to all of the victim's important documents. Then, he illegally began stealing cash from the accounts. He even took some money from the older mentor and invested it into his own business. Hopefully, karma hits this scumbag soon.

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