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WREX House bill 418 could make large balloon releases outside, illegal. If you are planning a gender reveal party, a wedding, a funeral, etc with a large balloon release included...you could get hit with a $500 fine.

“Obviously there’s significant ecological impact and there’s also significant infrastructure impact when these balloons land, not only are they dangerous for our habitat, they also complicate our storm sewer systems and our water systems.” - Representative Sam Yingling (D-Grayslake)

While I do understand there could be an environmental issue with hundreds of balloons landing, popping, etc...How is it that this comes with such a significant Illinois Senate response in 2021? Why now? Large balloon releases have been happening for decades, but now it's worth passing a bill?

Rep. Sam Tingling did say that he doesn't want a child held responsible if he/she accidentally lets go of a balloon outside. Well that's kind of you, Sam. Thank you for sharing that part of this (insert eye roll).

With what this state deals with, daily...People moving out in droves, unemployment numbers through the roof, tax and road issues, and on and on and on...let's be sure pass a bill that fines people for letting go of balloons. Sounds legit.

Hats off to the Energy and Environment Committee for looking out for our future, truly. As garbage and cigarette butts line the streets and fields across the state, at least we can all sleep sound knowing that balloon launches are banned.


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