Major League baseball players that have been a member of both the Chicago Cubs and White Sox.

I grew up in the suburbs so I am a lifelong Chicago sports teams fan. That includes the Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls, Cubs, and White Sox. People who are not from the area can look at my list of favorite teams and not have a problem with it. Many fans in Illinois will have a serious issue. That is because I listed both Windy City baseball teams and most sports enthusiasts say that is not right.

I never quite understood that mentality. They are rivals by default because they both are located in the same city. The teams are in different leagues. There are only a handful of interleague games between the two each year. I can understand the bragging rights but it does not have to be ugly like it is.

I grew up going to the Northside and Southside for games. It was fun either way. I have had favorite years and players. For example, I am a huge fan of the 1983 White Sox and 1984 Cubs. Besides 2005 and 2016, both teams have equally disappointed me too.

I save my rival hate for teams like the St. Louis Cardinals (Cubs), Minnesota Twins (White Sox), St. Louis Blues (Blackhawks), Indiana Pacers (Bulls), and Green Bay Packers (Bears). It is much easier to hate those teams instead of one in my own community.

I was just thinking how hard it must be a player that has played for both the Cubs and White Sox. I wonder how many there have been in their history.

According to,

"Since the Cubs and Sox are two of the most storied baseball teams in MLB history, many stars have played for them, with several even playing for both teams. Entering the 2021 MLB season, 192 players have batted for the White Sox and Cubs. A total of 92 players have pitched for the Cubs and White Sox." 

If you want to check out the full list, check out HERE.

Of course, I have favorite players from either team. If I had to name just one for each, it would be for the White Sox, Carlton Fisk, and for the Cubs, Ryne Sandberg. I actually have a few favorites that have been on both teams. Here they are...

  • Sammy Sosa - During his time, he was a very exciting player to watch.
  • Steve Trout - I remember having his White Sox baseball card then he played on the 1984 Cubs who made it to the playoffs.
  • Dick Tidrow - He had a crazy side-arm throwing style to go along with a great mustache.
  • Ron Santo - Who does not love Santo, he was great.
  • Vance Law - I will never forget him because my father would insist that his nickname was "Coles-Law." Got to enjoy those "dad jokes."

Sometimes my thought process makes it difficult to cheer for a certain team during the Crosstown Classic. Luckily, they usually are not good at the same time so that makes it a little bit easier.

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