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What seems like a "too good to be true," dream...is starting to take some shape. A lot of things have to happen for this to be for real, but the Chicago Bears are telling us that they are serious.

As a Chicago Bears fan, I know and you know that the quarterback situation isn't good...it never has been.  A month ago there were whispers of an unhappy Russell Wilson out in Seattle, and that the Chicago Bears has already reached out to the Seahawks to show interest.

It sounds great, who wouldn't want Russell Wilson as their QB? But really, do the Chicago Bears have a shot at him? They think so.

According to Chicago Tribune reporter Brad Biggs, the Chicago Bears have:

“prioritized making a run at Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.”

O.K., again....this is a long shot but it appears that the Chicago Bears are serious about this trade. The Seattle Seahawks will have to eat $39 millions and will need a lot back in return. On the Chicago Bears financial side, they will need to clear space for a $32 million contract.

Wilson has shown interest in the Chicago Bears and the Chicago Bears have shown interest in Wilson...That is a good starting point for sure. Russell Wilson needs to "formally" ask for the trade, and the Chicago Bears need to come up with the money.  Now that word is out that Russell is the priority, I guess as a fan that's all we can really ask for, right?


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