Tyshaun D. Carey is the young mans name, but don't ask him...When he was arrested for going 125mph he told cops he was "too drunk" to remember his name. JournalTimes

The North Chicago guy was on a highway in Wisconsin, swerving through three lanes, at a speed on 125mph...dude. The pursuit lasted about six miles, and the race was on to catch Tyshaun. Seriously, 125mph in Wisconsin...What's the hurry? Packer game on soon? Let's get to the bottom on the top speed situation.

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At 2:54am the chase ended with Tyshaun crashed his car, and him and a passenger fled the scene on foot. They ended up finding the two guys in a car, in someone's backyard...One in the passenger seat, one in the driver's seat. There's no way they'll find us here! Umm...

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When asked to identify himself, Tyshaun told officers:

“I don’t remember my name, I’m too drunk.” - Tyshaun Carey

O.K., so he was maybe too honest in this situation, but his honesty didn't last very long.

An officer visited at the hospital, who then told the cops he was in the PASSENGER seat, not driving...and just needed a ride home because he was too drunk to drive. So NOW the story changes and he blames the other fella for the 125mph chase.

It was confirmed that he was indeed the driver of the car. Oh, they founds guns in the car too. Tyshaun's days of "I Can't Drive 55" are for sure over.

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Say cheese, Illinois!





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