My wife took some pictures this week of a house not too far from us, that is Halloween Ready to put it mildly. I love how adults go all out for Halloween...Sure kids, have your candy and your costumes, the adults have the rest taken care of.

Is it just me or have you seen an increase in Halloween decorations in the past few years? Now people go crazy with the decorations, and I love it.

Here are a few more pictures from this house in Rockton...

First is the "Babysitting Clown"


This spooky cemetery is all over the place, how cool!


Apparently there is a "family" of skeletons living at this location.


This is good stuff, and sure does beat Santa and his reindeer!

Have you seen this one yet? This is the "floating girl" Stranger Things prop that has TikTok freaking the freak out. This Plainfield, Illinois house is ridiculous. Everyday after work, from August on...this couple works on their Halloween decorations! This year they took a pop culture favorite "Stranger Things" and included that with their house.

Fourteen million views later on TikTok, this Illinois couple has people around the world trying to figure out how they pulled this off!?!? No strings attached, how is there a girl floating in their front yard? No drones, no balloons, and no secrets revealed here.

Happy Halloween!

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