A Mount Zion, IL woman found herself is a whole lotta trouble when she was arrested for drunk driver...while on her couch!?! Herald

After her 19-year-old daughter called the cops, the "drunk mom" was confronted in her home and on her couch. The daughter said the 45-year-old "drunk mom" was big pimpin' in her red Buick, driving around while drunk.

Young exhausted wasted woman waking up suffering headache and hangover after drinking alcohol lying on bed sick and miserable still drunk
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When officers arrived at the home, this is what they found the mother like:

“While speaking with (her), I could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her person. Her eyes appeared bloodshot and she had extremely slurred speech.” - Deputy Megan Burgener


Momma was hammered and told the officers she wasn't going anywhere with them! She did admit to driving around, the daughter gave the address, but she was staying put. Ohhhh...she also tool a field sobriety test and failed. Here was her "I'll learn these coppers..." She got up and walked away, only to lay face down on the couch with her arms under her body. Yah, that will teach you cops, how you gonna take me away now?

Young drunk people resting with eyes closed at home.
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Eventually she was cuffed and hauled away. "Drunk Mom" was booked on charges of DUI and resisting a peace officer. This was a concerned and obviously worried daughter at 19-years-old to call the cops on mom, she could have harmed herself of someone else.


"Drunk Mom" was taken to jail and released the following morning after posting bond.

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