An Illinois man got himself in a bad situation while having his pet parrot on his shoulder.

I have never seen a guy walking around with a parrot on his shoulder.

If I ever did, I would immediately think of pirates even though I know "real life pirates" are completely different than "movie pirates."

Imagine you were walking in Sinnissippi Park and you saw someone with their pet parrot with them. What would you think?

Well, a gentleman from Belleville, Illinois would do just that. In fact, he would take bike rides with his pet parrot riding on his shoulder.

Eventually, taking his pet parrot out in public got him in trouble, but it's not what you would think.

According to,

"Firefighters had to rescue a southwestern Illinois man from deep mud after he became stuck while trying to reach his pet parrot."

While the guy was hanging out at the park with his parrot, the bird got curious and decided to go check out a lake.

In the process, the pet got stuck in some mud. The owner tried to rescue him but also got trapped.

A witness called 911 for help. As the rescuers saved the man, the parrot stayed on his shoulder.

I guess a parrot is man's best friend too.

Here's a video of the rescue...

Video: Muddy Rescue for Man and His Parrot

Don't worry, he's not a pirate. It's just a guy that likes to go out with his pet parrot on his shoulder.

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