Talk about an amazing end to a story with an awful beginning. If you remember - earlier this month a dog was found in a lake trapped in a cage on the University of Illinois campus. Local teacher Bryant Fritz rescued the dog and quickly took her to the University of Illinois Veterinary Hospital.

After the story progressed the couple who saved the dog were on Ellen where she gifted them plenty of dog toys and of course a big check. The check came after Bryant proposed to his girlfriend on the show. They named the famous pup Dory, and now Dory is officially home.

ABC details the joyfulness -

Fritz and his now fiancé Krystal Moya brought Dory home last Saturday. The couple said she is adapting well to her new home and loves all the treats and attention. She even has stylish outfits to wear as her wounds heal. They said most of all, they are happy to see Dory acting like a puppy again.

Dory looks SO happy.

Also, Dory has her own Facebook account so everyone can keep up with her new life's adventures. I also followed her on Instagram because I'm obsessed.

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