This restaurant is on the "must-visit" list for all fans of hot dogs in Illinois.

Illinois Is A Pro Hot Dog State

When it comes to hot dogs, the residents are all in. Illinoisians love their dogs. I believe that the Land of Lincoln is the hot dog capital of the world. The most famous hot dog of all time is named after one of our cities. I'm talking about the Chicago-style hot dog. Visitors come from all over the world to try one.

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What's The Best Hot Dog Stand In Illinois

I don't think that's a fair question. There are so many great hot dog stands throughout the state, especially in Chicago. It would be like choosing your favorite child. Luckily, you'll rarely find a bad one. Of course, you have famous places that everybody wants to experience sometime in their life. Don't forget the little "mom and pop" joints. Those places are always fantastic.

What's The Biggest Hot Dog Stand Menu In Illinois?

That question I can easily answer. It's The Dog House in LaSalle. The owners wanted to offer a Chicago-style hot dog stand in this area of the state. It's called the Illinois Valley. They opened the joint in 2006. Their menu features forty-three different kinds of hot dogs. That has to be some sort of record. I remember back in the day, there was just one type. The only difference was what condiments you put on it.

Personally, that would be enough for me but their menu also features much more. You can get Polish sausage, Italian beef, pizza puffs, fries, rings, burgers, chicken strips sandwiches, fries, appetizers, canned soda, and more. Plus, they also own a food truck. That's pretty impressive. For more info, HERE.

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