Officials in Illinois are expecting illegal sales of marijuana to decrease now that recreational cannabis is legal.

Money is one of the main reasons pot was legalized in our state. Of course, there are many more, including an attempt to put a stop to the black market. The thought process is if citizens have a safer and legal way to acquire their marijuana, then they would stop going to a drug dealer. That, in turn, could improve the crime rate.

According to,

"The state is hoping that legal dispensaries will stifle the black market marijuana sales, and some customers believe that to be the case. Taxes and high prices aren’t enough to overcome the benefit of knowing exactly what is in each product, and knowing what you are buying isn’t illegal, according to some customers. Others are going to the dispensary for products they otherwise might not be able to get, like edibles."

Not everyone agrees. There have been long lines, lack of product, and hefty taxes.

"Many don’t see themselves visiting the dispensaries on a regular basis. Lines are still out the door for recreational marijuana dispensaries. Currently, the tax rate varies based on what kind of product you are purchasing, and how much THC is in that product. However, another tax will eventually go on the bottom of that receipt. Cities had the option to tack on another 3 percent sales tax. Those went into effect on January 1st."

The comment I've been hearing from people after learning about the customers waiting for several hours in line is: "Don't they have a "guy?" — meaning a drug dealer.

Until the hype wears down and they solve the inventory issues, cannabis enthusiasts will still be hitting up their friendly neighborhood weed provider.

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