Though for the most part, Halloween is about trick or treating for candy in Illinois some residents prefer passing out other items.

The Ultimate Trick Or Treating In Illinois

When I was a kid, we had specific places we wanted to go for tricking or treating on Halloween in Illinois. Of course, my group was looking for a neighborhood with a lot of houses passing out treats close together. If we could find a place handing out full-size candy bars, that would be even better. There was even a guy on our block who gave out full cans of soda because it worked at Pepsi.

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Bad Trick Or Treating Options In Illinois

There were also homes that didn't properly participate in trick or treating during Halloween in Illinois. Some would turn off their porch lights and not give out any. That's just downright mean. If you stopped by a dentist's house, they usually gave out toothbrushes. I remember getting religious pamphlets. One time, I even got a flyer that said they donate to charity instead of candy. That's just wrong because the holiday is all about sweet treats.

Illinois Trick Or Treaters

Trick Or Treat Options Besides Candy On Halloween In Illinois

If you would prefer to pass something out to trick-or-treaters, I've found some other options for you. It's still not as good as candy but it's not horrible.

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  • Coins: Kids love money so that's not a bad idea.
Illinois Trick Or Treaters
  • Glow Sticks: The trick-or-treaters can use them while they're out on Halloween.
  • Halloween-themed Items: Stickers, spider rings, rubber eyeballs, toys, and more.
  • Bubbles: Children love playing with bubbles so I think that's a fun option.

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