This guy wanted some Girl Scout Cookies in a bad way...I mean, I don't blame you. They are pretty yummy. But "stealing" them wasn't a great idea. SG

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Terrell Lillybridge is a trouble maker. Waving guns, stealing stuff, in and out of jail...During one of his arrests, cops found a loaded Tech 9mm semiautomatic assault gun inside a car he was driving. See, trouble...even before the cookie theft.

Credit Influenster Via Fatherly
Credit Influenster Via Fatherly

There was also a gun battle that left poor Terrell with a bullet in his tummy, ouch! He obviously survived...and was hungry.

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Terrell did some hard time and after getting out of prison, he checked into a halfway house for six months. Rebuild, get himself of a member of society in a positive way. This stop as a halfway house is where the delicious trouble started...Stealing Girl Scout Cookies!

"Lillybridge was found to have stolen another residents’ Girl Scout cookies, which was confirmed by a surveillance camera at the facility." - U.S. Probation Officer Eric Hermes

So wait, this would just be a slap on the cookie stealing wrist...right?

With all of his past troubles, stealing these cookies landed Tyrell in a whole lotta trouble!  Since Lillybridge still has about 18 months to serve on probation, the Judge could direct Tyrell to do some serious hard time...for stealing cookies. FEDERAL PRISON. Cookies.

He will have to wait quite a long time for taste Girl Scout Cookies again, unless someone could sneak them in for him.

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