Forecasters are saying even though it's extremely hot and humid a BLIZZARD OF COCAINE is covering and BLANKETING the entire Midwest. ChiSuntimes

Charles Wollertz
Charles Wollertz

In the previous year, cocaine has taken over our area. The DEA has obtained two tons of cocaine...two tons!!! That is up over 50% from the year before, a blizzard indeed.

As of April of this year, just in Chicago alone the quantity has risen GREATLY! The temps are up and it's sweaty butt hot, BUT this snow storm of cocaine doesn't have an end in sight.

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Chicago is the landing point for the blizzard, from Columbia and other South America locations. Get it to Chicago and then spread the snow, or something.

This past Sept a huge cocaine bust went down in Chicago when Anthony Hernandez, who lives on a ranch in Mexico. He would have someone in Chicago waiting that would regularly pick up around 220lbs of cocaine in Chicago. This Hernandez fella was connected in a HUGE way, working directly for a board of leaders of a Mexican drug cartel, yikes!

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Back in Sept 2021 Hernandez was lining up a shipment to Bolingbrook, Illinois and that one was tracked by and had DEA waiting for him...Busted. He is currently still locked up by the feds.

For years, weed was the big one. The drug traffic world was as green as it can get! Now with marijuana legal in Illinois, that has switched and cocaine in number one.

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