A cross-dressing bank robber in Illinois was arrested when his car stalled.

This story sounds like it's from a TV sitcom.

According to galesburg.com,

"Employees inside the East Main Street Hardee’s were getting ready for the daily breakfast-to-lunch menu change-over when they witnessed something strange."

Strange is a polite way to describe this situation.

Dateline... Galesburg, Illinois.

A couple in disguised including a man dressed in drag walked into the restaurant.

They entered the restroom to remove their costumes. When they came out, they looked like different people.

The man and woman began asking other customers for a ride because their van broke down.

After several minutes, the couple began acting suspicious, so the employees called the police.

When the police arrived, they recognized the getaway car and arrested the suspects.

If they only had a better vehicle, maybe they could've gotten away.

I doubt it.

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