House Bill 37-51 is a bit on the controversial side to say the least. OURQUAD

This state of Illinois proposal would allow people who aren’t U. S. citizens to become employed as law enforcement, police officers in Illinois. The requirement is, you have to be in the country, legally...But DON'T have to be a U.S. citizen.

An explosives and drug-sniffing police dog investigating the inside of a car.
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Recruiting new officers, is a problem. Not just in Illinois but across the country...But isn't this a little too controversial?

“I think it’s a good idea, they’ve been having trouble finding and retaining police officers." - Scott County Democratic Party Chair Kay Pence

Rep. David Millage, a Republican had a slightly different take on this...

“To make them peace officers, I think, is a real stretch. Although I suppose because there’s a shortage and if they have merit and the character to be a police officer, maybe they should be.”

A police office on the side of the road as he writes a ticket.

Now it says they (Illinois) are "considering" this...Which means the smart people need to discuss and then there has to be a vote, and the right number of vote...blah, blah. So who knows how this will go. I can't imagine the people of Illinois, the tax paying citizens being too thrilled with this...But I might be wrong.

Credit: Illinois State Police, Facebook
Credit: Illinois State Police, Facebook

What it non-citizens of the US were teachers of our children, the doctors that examine you, the lawyers that defend you...Would all of these positions be cool too?


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