A Chicago family is beyond frustrated with a "professional" squatter and career criminal, that moved into their dead mother's home and refused to leave. DailyMail

Takito Murray has made a career out of scamming people, and his latest scam has a Chicago family extremely upset. Days after the passing of this Chicago family's mother, Takito made his way inside the condo that belonged to the woman...He changed the locks and refused to leave.

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Here's how all this started.

"On September 23, I got a call from the neighbors to say there's been a shooting in the building - and when I went to the building and put my key in, it didn't work," - Darthula Young

If that isn't weird enough, the person that was shot...is the Takito Murray, the squatter!

"The person who had been shot in the apartment - this guy named Takito Murray - came back from the hospital, and informed us and the police that he now lived there, that he had rights - he was professional squatter." Darthula Young

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The Murray family have contacted Chicago Police, but the cops haven't done anything about the situation. CBS2 of Chicago were able to get ahold of the professional squatter, Takito Murray and he says he "plans" on moving...

Murray: "I'm in the process of finding somewhere to stay. You can't just move like that."

CBS2's De Mar: "Do you know when you are going to get out?"

Murray: "Hopefully, by the beginning of May or April - sometime in April. We've been looking."

The laws of squatting in Illinois are quite strange, apparently this guy has rights to do what he's been doing...Living/stealing this place that he's been living for quite a while now. Weird.

The Young family even looked into selling the condo, and can't do that because the squatter is living inside.


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