If Walmart ever posted its very own police blotter, this incident would definitely prove interesting reading for all the store's fans.

Retail Theft Is A Big Problem For Stores In Illinois

I've been discussing it a lot lately. Breaking the law has become a huge problem in Illinois. I would say stealing is one of the top crimes in our state. Unfortunately, retail locations are very familiar with that offense, especially the big box stores. When I hear about a story like this one, I try to put myself in the situation. I still don't understand why a person would do it. Also, I wonder what the employees of the business have on their minds when something like this event occurs.

According to patch.com, 

Illinois Woman Uses Pocketknife To Steal 2 Televisions From Walmart

This woman walks into the Walmart in Joliet. She has a man accomplish with her. They enter the building and take a grocery cart. They head to the back of the store to the electronics department. The couple grabs two TVs and heads for the doors without purchasing the items. Security tries to stop them. The lady hits one of the employees in the chest. Then, the suspect pulls out a pocketknife and threatens the other worker.

Illinois Woman Steals TVs From Walmart
Illinois Woman Steals TVs From Walmart

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As they race toward the getaway vehicle, another attempt is made by security to try and stop them. The man hits one guard in the face. He warns the other one about the knife. The suspects jump in their car and take off. It was all caught on surveillance video, so when the police arrived they were able to collect the evidence. The criminals were quickly identified. In a strange twist, a couple of days later when officers went to arrest the woman. She was already in jail for another charge.

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Say cheese, Illinois!

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