One Night of Queen rocked the house Sunday night March 26th at the Coronado Performing Arts Center.

What a busy night in downtown Rockford on Sunday, wow! Between Bert Kreischer at the BMO and One Night of Queen at the Coronado, traffic nightmare.

I was heading down State Street and hit a traffic standstill about 4 blocks up from the bridge. I needed to be at the Coronado Box Office by 6:55pm and it was 6:43 with traffic not moving. I decided to hop out of my car (my wife was driving) and make a run for the rain. My boots were NOT made for running, what so ever.

I ran over the bridge, cut across the District parking lot in the back, and made it to the Coronado Box Office at...6:55pm only to have the promoter tell me "I think they will go on at 7:05 because of the traffic situation."

Took my jacket off in Don's office backstage, was handed a mic, and on stage I went to introduce "One Night of Queen." I asked those in attendance to take and send pics to the 96.7 The Eagle App. This is just a handful of what we received...the response was VERY overwhelming, thank you so much!

One Night of Queen - Coronado 03/26/23


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