Tuesday night the sky about Illinois will have quite the unique look...You will be able to look up and see a stunning sight, five planets! CNN

This should be pretty darn cool Tuesday night. On a normal clear evening, you can look up and see a planet here of there...on the night of 3/28, you get five planets lined up beneath the moon!


This "planetary parade" or "planet alignment" will consist of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus. Things will become visible in Illinois just after sunset. You "should" be able to see the "planetary parade" until Friday, and it should be MORE visible as the week rolls on.

Flat Earth
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The planets should resemble the pearls on a necklace, as you gaze into the sky. This is something that only happens every few years, so catch it if you can!

Venus will be the planet you will be able to see the best. Also referred to as the "evening star," next to the moon this will be the brightest and most visible...Next to that will be Uranus. Insert your own joke.

Woman needs to poop, outdoor

This planet alignment will take up around 70 degrees of the sky. What exactly does that mean, check out this professional unit of measurement:

Use your thumb or closed fist, extended away from your body. A fist at arm's length will cover about 10 degrees, while a thumb covers about 1 degree. - CNN

Got it? So as you are staring into the sky raise a fist like you're at a rock concert and count...or something. Enjoy!

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