When you were growing up, could you imagine your teachers do a dance number for all the students?? Um. No.

This video was taken at Harlem High School, for "Spirit Week" right before spring break. Let's get all the teachers and students together before a week off...Not a bad idea!


This pep rally was the send off for the students, and it got really "serious" at the end...A dance battle between the teachers and students. Bring it, Harlem!

Just to rewind for a minute, my high school teacher would have NEVER done anything like this. Would the science teacher that made his coffee in the chemistry lab in a beaker, break a move? No. Would my English teacher that has ponytail and was the "cool teacher" be cool enough to do the "running man?" Again that's a big no.


Hats off to the Harlem teachers for bringing the funny for the students. Things in 2023 are pretty intense for kids. With social media used as a bullying platform, and ever wrong turn and awkward teen movement posted on Snapchat or TikTok...These kids today are dealing with a ton. What a way to blow off some steam and just laugh.


Imagine your old cranky, cigarette smoking in the teacher's lounge teachers...doing this. Right, see, you can't.

Great work, teachers! A+ for all of you.


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