In the first month of reopening, Illinois casinos bounce back to earn almost $83 million.

The year 2020 has been one for the history books. A lot of unusual things have happened. It seems like every week, there's some sort of strange thing that occurs.

Of course, COVID-19 is leading the charge. It has crushed many people, places, and things financially.  Though, there are others that have been thriving. Obvious businesses that have done well are delivery, on-line ordering, and streaming services.

Some other successful products which might be a little surprising is alcohol, marijuana, and now gambling. Apparently, people enjoy their "sinful" hobbies.

According to,

"The casinos racked up about $82.6 million as people made more than 483,000 trips through their turnstiles during the first month back."

Yes, it's not as good as last year.

"That’s down about 29% compared to July 2019, when the house won about $115.8 million with almost double the admissions: about 931,000."

Considering everything that has happened, those numbers are pretty darn strong.

"For an industry that was brought to a full stop, “nobody had a clue” what to expect upon reopening, but the first-month numbers are “somewhat better” than many were expecting."

I think people need an escape from the madness and this definitely seems like something that could fit that role.

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