A Hard Knock style internet show is being produced by the Chicago Bears.

NFL is by far my favorite sport, It doesn't matter who's playing, well except for the Packers, I'll watch a game. During the offseason, I check out the NFL Network to get my fix. One of my favorite shows each year is Hard Knocks on HBO. That's where they follow a team throughout training camp.

Of course, my favorite team is the Chicago Bears. I'm a born and raised die-hard fan. My family has owned season tickets for years. I will really miss going to games and other team-related events including training camp.

Every year, when the league is getting ready to announce that years team for Hard Knocks, I'm always hopeful it will be the Bear's year. Unfortunately, it hasn't happened yet.

Despite all the changes going on this season with the pandemic, there is some good news. The Chicago Bears are going to release the own internet version of Hard Knocks. It's called "1920 Football Drive."

According to chicagobears.com,

"The series will give an in-depth look into the day-to-day process that goes into being a part of a professional football team. The idea for "1920 Football Drive" has been in the works for several seasons, but when the Bears moved training camp to Halas Hall and the Coronavirus pandemic eliminated the ability to have fans at practice, it provided a strong motivation." 

I look forward to checking it out.

Here's the trailer...

Video: 1920 Football Drive Trailer | Chicago Bears


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