Thieves in Illinois will pretty much steal anything and taking a bird feeder illegally drops it down to a new low in crime.

Stolen Bird Feeder In Illinois

The incident happened recently in Minooka. A man from Orland Park was arrested for stealing and then trying to turn around to sell the stolen item. The suspect took a bird feeder. He brought it home and put it up for sale on the internet. It seems like there should be more to that story.

According to, 

According to the criminal complaint, defendant Ahmad Farhoud used the Internet on Wednesday with the intent to sell property gained through unlawful means, a bird feeder.


The theft charge indicates that the Orland Park resident obtained control over stolen property belonging to Bird Buddy Incorporated, a bird feeder, "under circumstances as would reasonably induce him to believe that the property was stolen and said defendant intended to deprive Bird Buddy Incorporated permanently of the use or benefit of said property."


Stolen Illinois Bird Feeder

There's More To The Story of The Stolen Illinois Bird Feeder

I understand that stealing isn't a good thing but it's only a bird feeder. Why is it such a big deal? I did a little investigating. This isn't just your everyday ordinary one. It's much more than that. The product is called Bird Buddy. What is Bird Buddy?

According to,

This AI-powered camera feeder notifies you of bird visitors, captures their photos and organizes them in a beautiful collection.


Equipped with artificial intelligence, it recognizes over 1,000 bird species.

This type of bird feeder sells for hundreds of dollars. No wonder the suspect stole one and tried to resell it on the internet. He definitely could make a couple of quick bucks.

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